Youth leaders urged to become change agents

July 10, 2017

Agents for change: Rabia Siddique addresses the audience at Murdoch University.

More than 140 future leaders were challenged to become agents for positive change, during a national UN Youth conference hosted by Murdoch University.

The event was held in the Kim E. Beazley Lecture Theatre at Murdoch's Perth Campus.

Delivering the keynote address, global humanitarian and former war crimes prosecutor Rabia Siddique urged youth delegates to “stand up, step outside your comfort zone and speak up” in order to impact the community for good.

“How are you going to live your life? Are you prepared to be a ripple-maker, an agent for change, a creator, innovator and thought-leader?” Ms Siddique  said.

“It only takes one ripple to create a wave of sustainable, profound change.”

Ms Siddique, a retired British Army officer and hostage survivor, is driven by the fight to gain justice for the voiceless and oppressed.

She told the audience how she experienced the power of the one, after successfully suing the British Government for discrimination, which opened the floodgates for others to pursue their own justice.

The recent UN Youth Australia National Conference for future leaders from Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan included a UN-style general assembly debate and leadership forum, as well as discussions about global issues such as security, climate change and gender equality.

Ms Siddique set out a four point agenda for people wanting to become agents for sustainable change.

This includes being willing to: confront your reality – both the good and the bad; challenge and change perspective; protect and preserve hope; do something uncomfortable for the greater good if called for.

“Everyone has the power to create ripples of change in their own lives, those of others and the world around them,” Ms Siddique said.

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