Vice Chancellor Stood Aside

September 19, 2014

Murdoch University has today announced that Vice Chancellor, Professor Richard Higgott, has been suspended as a result of the outcomes of a recent investigation.

The Murdoch University Senate has agreed to suspend Professor Higgott following an investigation by the University.

The outcomes of the investigation have been referred to the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) for further assessment pursuant to section 28 of the Corruption and Crime Commission Act (2003).

Professor Higgott has been suspended on full pay subject to further investigations.

The decision to suspend Professor Higgott was a unanimous resolution of the Murdoch University Senate.

Murdoch University Chancellor Mr David Flanagan said the decision to suspend Professor Higgott was regrettable but necessary as a result of the findings of the investigation and the policies of the University.

“As a public authority Murdoch University has very clear duty under the CCC Act to report any matters which it suspects concern or may concern misconduct, which we have done,” Mr Flanagan said.

“We have forwarded to the CCC the outcomes of the investigation and we will continue to fully cooperate with the CCC in relation to these matters.”

“The Senate has determined that it is in the best interests of the University that Professor Higgott be suspended pending further inquiries.”

“Despite these events, Murdoch University is recognised internationally for its research, learning and teaching and we remain committed to realising this vision.”

Mr Flanagan said that Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Taggart would fulfill the role of interim Vice Chancellor.

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