Veterinary science students to represent Australia

October 16, 2017

Meat judges: Veterinary science students join national meat judging team

Two Murdoch veterinary science students have won the right to represent Australia at prestigious meat judging competitions in the United States.

Bridie Luers and Harriet Moss beat out tough national competition to win a coveted place in the five-person Australian Meat Judging Team that will travel to the US in January.

The fourth year students impressed selectors during a week of training in Queensland which involved learning the US meat grading system and an extensive paddock-to-plate tour to expand their knowledge of the red meat industry.

Ms Luers who grew up on a wheat and sheep farm in Kellerberrin and is interested in becoming a feedlot veterinarians, said the experience will give her valuable exposure to the bigger picture of the whole supply chain.

“As a veterinarian, it’s critical if you want to work with producers that you understand their goals and their challenges and the overall industry.

“This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet industry leaders, visit feedlots and compare the scale of the operations over there with Australia.”

Murdoch University Post Doctoral Fellow Dr Sarah Stewart has also been selected as a national team coach to prepare the students in their quest for international success.

“I am extremely proud of Bridie and Harriet. The US tour and competitions will give them greater exposure to the red meat and pork industries as well as networking opportunities, which will be essential for their future careers as production animal veterinarians.

“The ongoing investment in ag-focused students, such as Bridie and Harriet is essential for developing skills and leadership, as well as retaining talent in this sector.

“By representing Australia on the international stage, it highlights Murdoch University’s expertise in the area of agricultural, veterinary and meat sciences and its commitment to the Australian meat and livestock industries.

“On an industry level, the Intercollegiate Meat Judging program enriches the enthusiasm of elite undergraduate students in the meat and livestock industries of Australia and influences many to continue on and extend their careers in the veterinary, processing, marketing, lot-feeding, retail, and R&D sectors.”

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