Venerated vet receives Order of Australia

June 13, 2013

A passion for the wellbeing of animals, and those who treat them, has earned Dr Paul Davey one of the nation's highest honours – an Order of Australia medal.

Dr Paul Davey has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal.

Officially recognised for his service to veterinary science, the Murdoch graduate was among the Western Australian recipients of this year's Queen's Birthday Honours.

"I am incredibly humbled by this honour, and pleased by the acknowledgement that this award gives to all of those who have supported and helped me along the way," Dr Davey said.

Dr Davey continues to work closely with the University as an Adjunct Professor in Professional Practice. As a trustee of the Murdoch University Veterinary Trust Board, he helps raise vital funds for the advancement of veterinary medicine, research and education.

"I believe veterinarians are an undervalued resource in our community, and particularly those entrusted with training the next generation of veterinarians," he said.

"I have great admiration for their work, and hope that my efforts both within and external to the University help to improve the working environment for both academic, clinical and student veterinarians."

Professor Ian Robertson, Principal of the College of Veterinary Medicine, said the award was well deserved.

"Paul has been a tireless worker within the veterinary profession and in the training of future veterinarians, since his graduation from Murdoch University in 1992," Professor Robertson said.

"His enthusiasm for the training of the next generation of veterinarians is evident through his on-going contribution and commitment to the academic, practical and professional training of veterinary students."

The suicide of a young vet in 1996 prompted Dr Davey to work with a mentoring service to help graduates and colleagues manage the stresses of the demanding profession.

"The Graduate Support Scheme and Veterinary Suicide, Health and Wellbeing Committee are filled with volunteer veterinarians who get little acknowledgement or recognition for the donation of their time," he said.

"I am proud to be a part of their efforts and hope they all can take some satisfaction in this award."

Dr Davey served as President of the Australian Veterinary Association (WA) for two years and is the current Vice President. He is also a partner in the Grantham Street, Dalkeith and Mosman Park Veterinary Clinics.

"The Medal of the Order of Australia is a truly amazing milestone in my career, and whilst it will be very hard to surpass, I am hopeful that there will be many more milestones over the next decade or so as I continue to work on behalf of pets, their owners, and the vets who care for both."

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