Upgraded simulation suite boosts nursing education

September 17, 2015


Murdoch nursing students Meagan Bulmer (left) and Elizabeth Marshall with a manikin in the simulation suite

Murdoch nursing students Meagan Bulmer (left) and Elizabeth Marshall with a manikin in the simulation suite

Murdoch University has upgraded simulation facilities used to teach student nurses at its Peel Campus.

The $30,000 renovations to the simulation suite were part of a joint project between Murdoch University and St John of God Healthcare Murdoch, funded by Health Workforce Australia. The project aim was to improve learning activities through simulation techniques and to enhance graduate attributes.

The facility now includes a control room and two separate simulation rooms. The new control room enables technicians and tutors to program the manikins used during simulations without disrupting the students participating in the scenario. The controller can even communicate through a voice box in the manikin to create appropriate patient responses which enhance the sense of realism for the students.

The renovations also mean the scenarios can be conducted in two separate simulation rooms at the same time.

The simulation rooms can be modified to reflect a patient’s room in a clinical setting or converted into a specialised medical environment such as an operating theatre or a general practice clinic.

“Simulation learning is a very important part of nursing education, as we can replicate nearly all of the essential aspects of a clinical situation for students to practice in before they attend clinical placements with real patients,” said Prue Andrus, a nursing lecturer in the School of Health Professions at Murdoch University.

“This also provides a safe learning environment for nursing students to participate in certain situations that may be rare for them to experience in the clinical setting.

“This upgraded facility will double our capacity for simulation learning and further help our students to become job-ready.”

Mandurah businesses will have the chance to view the revamped suite at a special invite-only event at the Peel Campus on Thursday, September 24.

The Business After Hours event is being run in conjunction with the Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry and will involve tours of the nursing facilities as well as the opportunity to network with industry members, stakeholders, Murdoch staff and alumni.

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