Technology internships set Murdoch students up for the future

February 8, 2018

Murdoch University students Maeva Magny and Ashlea Silcock gained real-world experience while completing their technology internships at Ernst & Young.

Murdoch University has signed a strategic partnership with leading professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY) to provide valuable work-integrated learning opportunities for undergraduate students.

The top-flight international employer has made available two cadetships for undergraduates studying a degree in Information Technology or Cyber Security at Murdoch.

Murdoch students Maeve Magny and Ashlea Silcock completed vacation work at EY this summer in the first phase of their 18-month internship, which will also provide them academic support, career guidance and the prospect of graduate positions upon completing their degrees.

EY partner Bill Farrell said the program was designed to challenge and motivate students to understand emerging technologies and how they are applied in the real world and the future of the workplace.

“As we stand on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, we recognise at EY that the talent we recruit and develop will be fundamentally different than in the past,” Mr Farrell said.

“The convergence of people and technology solutions is becoming more dominant in the services we provide our clients.  As a result, our collaboration with tertiary institutions to define the skills needed and developed in the digital age will be increasingly important.”

Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Professor Eeva Leinonen said the strategic relationship between EY and the University, reflected Murdoch’s commitment to providing students with real-world learning opportunities throughout their studies, so they graduate ready to take their place in today’s rapidly-evolving work environment.

“Murdoch’s outstanding teaching, learning and research equip students with the knowledge and practical experience to develop solutions to complex issues we face in today’s world – including digital technology challenges and cyber security,” Professor Leinonen said.

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