Tales of ocean adventures draw WA marine scientists to Murdoch

July 1, 2015

RV Investigator (photo: CSIRO)More than 100 marine scientists gathered at Murdoch in June to hear tales of exploratory ocean research voyages around the world.

Two researchers from the United States spoke, Professor Michael Landry from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Dr Barbara Muhling from Princeton University, and were joined by the Director of Australia’s National Marine Facility, Mr Ron Plaschke.

Murdoch University’s Professor in Marine Science Lynnath Beckley said that the event provided an opportunity for Western Australian scientists to connect with international marine science research.

“Western Australia is a major hub for marine research in the Indian Ocean, with researchers investigating fisheries, biological oceanography and management of our extensive coastline,” Professor Beckley said.

“Murdoch University’s Evening of Blue Water Science gave Western Australian scientists an opportunity to learn more about projects underway in other ocean systems.”

The first speaker, Mr Ron Plaschke, gave an overview of the new Australian research vessel Investigator and how marine scientists can access the ship for their research.

Professor Michael Landry, who is a Sir Walter Murdoch Distinguished Collaborator, and Dr Barbara Muhling, an alumnus of Murdoch University, were in Perth to develop future Indian Ocean research with Professor Beckley.

Professor Landry spoke about his research on the ecology of the Costa Rica Dome, an upwelling region in the Pacific Ocean.

Dr Muhling shared her insights into fishery management, particularly the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in North-East Atlantic waters.

The event was co- sponsored by Murdoch University and the WA Branch of the Australian Marine Sciences Association.

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