Talent in all fields honoured at Murdoch

February 20, 2017

Murdoch Chancellor David Flanagan, Honorary Doctor Philip Green OAM and Murdoch VC Prof Eeva LeinonenAn agricultural inventor, an equal opportunity campaigner and an international advocate for Australia were all honoured by Murdoch University last week.

Philip Green OAM, who was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate of the University on Saturday 11 February, is a remarkable advocate for Australian education, alumni and for transnational education in Singapore.

Recently working as the Australia’s High Commissioner to Singapore, Mr Green has strengthened diplomatic ties between Singapore and Australia and paved the way for enhanced trade, social, education and political dividends.

He spoke to graduates about how Asia will deliver a wealth of opportunities for their future careers.

“Our economy could hardly be better suited to meeting the needs of the emerging economies of Asia,” said Mr Green.

“We are rich in agricultural products to meet the needs of growing populations and we are blessed with a pure, natural environment.

“Australia is also strong in many of the services that a rapidly developing Asia needs – architecture and design, project management, engineering, health and ageing, advanced construction and more.”

Maxine Murray, who received an Honorary Doctorate of the University on Monday 13 February, has made a significant contribution to the employment landscape of Western Australia as the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment.

Ms Murray’s work in equal opportunity employment assisted not only women but also the full range of persons traditionally discriminated against, to achieve satisfying and well remunerated employment.

In her Occasional Address, Ms Murray urged new graduates to never underestimate the impact of ethical choices and behaviour towards colleagues.

“It is up to all of us to think how we interact with our work colleagues and consider if this enhances their experience of the workplace,” she said.

Adjunct Professor Ian Edwards was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science on Friday 17 February.

Professor Edwards, who has developed a high protein variety of wheat in collaboration with Murdoch, told new graduates that it was a privilege to work in such a rewarding profession.

“Agriculture faces many challenges in the years ahead, not least of which are population growth and climate change,” he said in his Occasional Address.

“We need the best minds entering agriculture for a career, and we need to develop and deploy the best technologies possible.

“A university education is a privilege, a wonderful start in life, but it has required hard work and good choices – that’s why you are here today. I believe that luck is the encounter between preparation and opportunity, and the harder we work the luckier we seem to get.

“But I would suggest to those of us in life sciences and technology that in addition to having a passion for our work, we need two more things – business skills and communication skills.

“These are skills that could not only make the difference in landing you the job you want, but also in later accepting increased responsibilities.”

Around 1200 students graduated from Murdoch University last week including 35 PhD students.


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