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MS researcher a rising Science on the Swan star

April 27th, 2018

Dr May Aung-Htut

New steps in treating rare and chronic disease made by an early career researcher at Murdoch University will be celebrated at Western Australia’s premier health conference next week.

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WA researchers gather for Science on the Swan

May 2nd, 2017

Murdoch University researchers will join a gathering of international experts to discuss the health of people and animals in WA and around the world. Beginning today, WA’s annual premier health and medical research meeting Science on the Swan will focus on new discoveries in One Health medicine.

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Gene jumping discovery may hold clues to agricultural production

November 28th, 2016

A gene discovery in a crop of Biserrulla may unlock secrets of agricultural productivity

A gene discovery in a crop of Biserrulla may unlock secrets of agricultural productivityA newly discovered process that allows genes to jump between different species of bacteria promises to unlock secrets of disease, drug resistance and agricultural productivity.

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Unfashionable Aussie mammals need research attention

March 7th, 2016


Australian native rodents and bats have attracted little research effort and funding, resulting in poor conservation and management, a recent study has revealed.

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National competition dishes up WA dirt

September 2nd, 2015

A soil judging pit in Jeju, Korea, in early 2015. Pic by Richard Doyle

WA’s unique and sandy landscape will provide a challenging environment for the National Student Soil Judging Competition this weekend. Students from around Australia will gather at Murdoch University’s Whitby Falls Farm to compete for supremacy in their knowledge of Australian landscape and soil description competency in the International Year of Soil. The students will also […]

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‘Fading Lights’ brings atomic bombings into focus

August 4th, 2015

Dr Stuart Bender and A/Prof Mick Broderick in front of the 4-metre diameter HIVe “dome” screen. Photographer: Sam Proctor - Curtin University

Researchers from Curtin and Murdoch universities have used digital technologies to reveal forgotten histories of Australian military experiences in Japan during and after World War Two.

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Researchers closer to ending debate around Lyme disease and ticks in Australia

June 29th, 2015

A trigutattum tick by Peter Irwin square small

As debate surrounding whether Lyme disease is associated with tick bites in Australia continues to rage, a team of Murdoch University researchers, together with colleagues at the University of Sydney and Curtin University, have made a discovery that helps solve part of the puzzle.

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Film to remember ANZACs in Japan

April 23rd, 2015

Mick Broderick and Stuart Bender are recreating memories of ANZACS in Japan.

Associate Professor Mick Broderick from Murdoch University and Dr Stuart Bender from Curtin University are recreating scenes of World War II POW camps in Nagasaki and multiple sites of Australian Occupation troop activity in Kure and Hiroshima.

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International spotlight for WA’s Science on the Swan

April 21st, 2015

Professor Simon Mallal

Recent advances in personalised medicine were the focus of an international workshop held at Murdoch University this week as a pre-conference event for Science on the Swan.

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Forum calls for a Zero Food Waste Day

November 21st, 2014

A food waste forum hosted at Murdoch University and held in collaboration with Curtin University and the University of Western Australia, has called for a Zero Food Waste Day to be recognised on November 14 each year.

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