Students to showcase attained skills at Southbound festival

January 7, 2016

Murdoch students will put their skills be on show at Southbound

Murdoch students will put their skills on show at Southbound

Solar powered wheelie bin speakers designed and built by Murdoch Engineering students, will pump out sounds generated from Sound and Radio major students filling the FM airwaves at the 2016 Southbound Festival this weekend.

The ‘bin-ovations’ are the product of Engineering students Kieran Peters and Daniel Hoy, and will be one of the many acquired learning skills Murdoch University students will put on display at the music and camping festival.

Bachelor of Sound students will work backstage changing over and patching in audio connections, as close to 30,000 eager festival goers await the upcoming acts from across the globe including Bloc Party, Art vs. Science, Birds of Tokyo and Courtney Barnett.

According to Dr Johannes Mulder from the School of Arts, the Southbound festival will offer Murdoch students a unique real-world experience in a highly stressful domain.

“Experience in hands on work in this field is limited. Southbound will give our students a taste of that work,” he said.

“Students will have to deal with time pressure, whilst being unable to talk as there is a band playing on the opposite stage. It is a very specific environment, and is a great place to learn.”

Unique real-work opportunities offered at Murdoch helped develop the career of Murdoch Alumnus Tanya Voltchanskaya, who has been employed as Murdoch’s official festival photographer.

“Photographing Southbound and other music festivals with Murdoch gave me my first real look through the eyes of a music photographer,” Tanya said.

“I saw first-hand what it was like working out on the field, capturing the energy that is live music events, meeting and working alongside other music photographers, all of which smoothly transitioned into what I do now.

“As a student, Murdoch gave me a unique opportunity and insight I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else so early in my career. I think it’s incredibly rewarding for students if they get involved in the festival.”

Murdoch’s ever-popular Silent Disco will return to the festival as Murdoch student DJs hijack a whole channel of sound to get bodies moving. Exercise Science students will also assist with the Silent Yoga that will be on offer. Sound and Radio major students will run Murdoch’s FM radio broadcast (94.9FM), providing festival content to get revelers in the mood.

“There are not many Universities who provide the experience that our students receive,” continued Dr Mulder.

“Our relationship with Sunset Events allows us to give our students a fun weekend at a festival, and at the same time, do some work in a professional environment where a lot of things come together.”

The 2016 Southbound event will see Murdoch’s iconic Bush Court pop up at Base Camp, with the Murdoch-Red Cross Op Shop to offer the latest in old fashion, and there will be a $1500 STA travel voucher up for grabs just for using the free Wi-Fi provided by Murdoch.

Southbound will run from Friday 8 January through until Sunday 10 January.

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