Students to benefit from new curriculum

February 14, 2014

Murdoch University graduates will soon be even better equipped to succeed on the world stage, thanks to the launch of its new degrees.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Professor Ann Capling said the new undergraduate degrees are more flexible, allowing students to combine two majors from different degrees.

“This means students will be able to customise their learning to their interests and aspirations, ultimately making them more employable in their chosen field,” she said.

“For instance, a student will be able to combine majors in Screen Production and Environmental Science, which will equip them to become specialist documentary film makers for science and nature productions.”

Each new degree also incorporates a compulsory sequence of research skills units, designed to give students a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce.

“Our mission at Murdoch is to instil in our students a passion for discovery and to equip them with the research skills that will allow them to be life long learners,” Professor Capling said.

“Employers have told us how much they value these qualities in a graduate, so we’ve ensured that research training is a fundamental part of every Murdoch undergraduate degree.”

Over the course of the degree, units become more specialised and the curriculum more challenging, encouraging students to develop a deep engagement with their chosen discipline.

Interdisciplinary learning is also incorporated into the new curriculum, exposing students to ways of thinking and problem solving outside of their field of study.

“No important problems are solved by one discipline alone”, Professor Capling said.

“Murdoch students are trained to understand and appreciate the importance of many disciplinary insights.”

The development of the new degrees was a year long process that involved staff and students from Murdoch University. It drew on the latest research and higher education expertise.

“We established the Murdoch University Curriculum Commission (MUCC) in 2012 to review all of our courses to ensure our degree programs continue to meet present and future needs,” she said.

“We’re very pleased with the result and look forward to delivering our students a richer academic experience, which will prepare them for a successful career.”

Students will begin Semester One classes on February 24. To learn more about Murdoch’s new degree structures, click here, view the infographic or watch the video.

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