Students the stars at open air graduation ceremonies

February 24, 2015

University medallist Jesse Hults delivered the valedictorian speech at one of the ceremonies

University medallist Jesse Hults delivered the valedictorian speech at one of the ceremonies

More than 1100 students graduated from Murdoch University last week during three open air ceremonies at its beautiful South Street Campus.

Graduates and their families from Australia and across the world attended the star-lit occasions, which celebrated their achievements in degrees which ranged from law to engineering, veterinary science to the arts, and from education to nursing.

University medallists and valedictorians made speeches to their fellow graduates at each ceremony and Murdoch’s leading academics, teaching staff and administrators were there to farewell them.

Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Taggart said: “Murdoch has long been committed to enabling students from all walks of life realise their aspirations of studying at university and graduation ceremonies give us the opportunity to celebrate their achievements.

“Through teaching and learning excellence we hope we have provided these new graduates with the passion to be life-long learners and we wish them well as they embark on new opportunities and career pathways.”

Carmen Lem stayed at the Student Village during her time at Murdoch

Carmen Lem stayed at the Student Village during her time at Murdoch

Valedictorian and University Medallist Jesse Hults is already on his way to a career as a doctor after completing his degree in Molecular Biology and Biomedical Science. He graduated at a ceremony on Monday, February 16, along with 298 other graduates and 10 doctoral graduands.

He is currently studying graduate medicine at Notre Dame University after using his Murdoch degree as a foundation course and said having a tangible goal was vital to maintaining his motivation and enthusiasm.

“Murdoch has offered me a wealth of leadership, teaching and community service experiences that go well above and beyond the undergraduate degree that I originally embarked upon,” he said.

Fellow University Medallist Rebecca Firth graduated on the same night as Mr Hults with a degree in environmental science. She said the support and encouragement from Murdoch staff members had played an important role in enabling her to find confidence in her abilities.

James McCutcheon

James McCutcheon juggled his university degree with a full time job

At the graduation ceremony on Wednesday, February 18, in front of 451 graduates and four doctoral graduands, Valedictorian Carmen Lem explained how spending her final year studying and living on the South Street Campus had helped to build her confidence and people skills.

“I studied in Malaysia for the first two years of my accounting degree and came to Perth for my third year. This was a really wonderful and eye-opening experience for me,” she said.

“I had the chance to experience a proper university student life by making loads of new friends from all around the world, staying in the student village and being more independent.”

At the graduation ceremony on Friday, February 20, Valedictorian James McCutcheon, who graduated with an internetworking and security degree, explained to the 385 graduates and six doctoral graduates how he managed to juggle university study with a full time job.

He put his academic success down to “the unwavering support of family, friends and Murdoch staff, as well as a great deal of time, effort and perseverance”.

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