Students in Singapore raising money for charity

August 6, 2010

Winning team Pro Consultancy with Karen Ho, Judge of Project Reach 2010. From left: Melody Goh, Sherilyn Choo, Michelle Heng, Karen Ho (Managing Director, The PR Element), Khoo Li Lian, Evelyn Hon.

Eighty-five Murdoch University students studying Communications in Singapore have been learning the art of fundraising and at the same time raised over $10,000 in under three weeks for charity.

Students were given the task of harnessing social media, among other strategies, to raise funds for charity.

Transient Workers Count Too, was one of the partnering organisations to benefit from the student campaigns.

President John Gee said: “We welcome an alternative view to furthering our cause.  Technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate with our audience today, and youths are at the forefront of these changes.  They are best positioned to strengthen civic engagement between communities and societies with a strategic communication approach.”

In addition to running an on-line fundraising project, the 14 student teams pitched their communication ideas to their partnering organisations in the presence of Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of National Development.

The best pitch was given by students Sherilyn Choo, Melody Goh, Michelle Heng, Evelyn Hon and Khoo Li Lian. Their client was the Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH) and the brief was to promote mental wellness among youth and encourage early intervention for early signs of mental health issues.

Communications lecturer Piya Chee said the team had a coherent plan that communicated clearly about current challenges faced by youths today with regards to mental health issues.

Murdoch’s programme in Singapore operates in partnership with SMa Institute of Higher Learning.  It offers a selection of degree course where Murdoch students have the flexibility to complete their Murdoch degree in a full-time or part-time study mode.

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