Students are university-ready after OnTrack

October 21, 2014

Successful Rockingham OnTrack students (left to right) Scott O'Donnell, Melissa Rogers, Kyrrah Leviston and Sarah Howat

A free degree preparation course run by Murdoch University has been completed by 150 students who can now begin university study in 2015.

The course is run over 14 weeks twice a year on each of Murdoch’s campuses in Rockingham, Peel and South Street, arming students with the necessary academic writing, reading, analytical and research skills required for life as a Murdoch undergraduate.

The course is designed for those who may not have studied or worked in a while who want to make a positive change in their life or career.

Mandurah resident and single mother Amy Elliott, 29, said the OnTrack course and tutors had given her confidence in her abilities and she was excited to be starting the forensic biology and toxicology  degree course at South Street in the New Year.

“Without this course, I don’t think I would have been able to stick at a degree,” she said. “It has taught me to plan and prioritise so that I use my time more effectively. It has helped me to feel less anxious and more comfortable about everything I have going on in my life.

“I’m very involved with theatre and I love the arts but now I want a stable job so I can support my daughter and have more of a life. OnTrack has really opened these doors for me so I can achieve these goals.”

Rockingham mother of one, Sarah Howat, 30, who is planning to study nursing at Peel, said the course had opened doors to a career which she believed was beyond her reach.

“I was a misguided youth and I left school with few qualifications. I didn’t think about the future much but once I had a baby girl I woke up,” she said.

“Completing the OnTrack course has made me realise that I can juggle motherhood, work and university-level study and I’m very excited about my future career.”

Amy and Sarah are two of the 150 OnTrack students who will be receiving their completion certificates at special ceremonies this week at the South Street, Rockingham and Peel Campuses.

Lecturer Dr Jane Maw, who teaches in the OnTrack program in Rockingham, said the course provided a supportive learning environment which eased students into university-style study.

“Through successfully completing OnTrack students create a positive change in their lives and gain entry to a wide range of courses at Murdoch. It’s inspiring and heartening to see how they grow and develop while on the course,” said Dr Maw.

OnTrack started in 2008 at the Rockingham campus. Since then it has expanded significantly and is now offered on all three campuses every semester. Since 2008 more than 1600 students have undertaken OnTrack.

The next OnTrack course will begin in March 2015 and potential students can find more information and enroll via the Murdoch University website.

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