Student ambassadors mentor aspiring legal eagles

April 17, 2018

Mooting ambassadors Chen Da Tan, Nicola Thomas-Evans (law graduate), Domenico Romeo, Kevin Jarrett, Kashmirra Thevar and Andy Hunter are helping the next generation of would-be lawyers.

Murdoch University’s Law School mooting ambassadors are helping to develop the next generation of would-be lawyers.

Over 30 students from years 10 to 12 recently attended a Mock Trial Training Seminar and Workshops led by the Murdoch School of Law’s newly-appointed Moot Court Ambassadors.

Murdoch University is a major sponsor of The Law Society of WA’s Mock Trial Competition for high school students across the state.

Mock trials are simulated court cases where students play the roles of lawyers, witnesses and court officials to contest a fictitious legal matter.

The students from schools including Hale School, John Curtin College of the Arts, Guildford Grammar School and Rossmoyne Senior High School, used Murdoch’s high-tech moot courtroom, where they were coached on each element of the trial from the opening statement, case theories and cross-examinations to the closing statement.

Moot Court Ambassador Chen Da Tan said it was rewarding to help nurture the skills of high schoolers and provide them with a glimpse into life as a university student.

“If I had the opportunity to give my past self some advice, I would probably give him a hug, and tell him he’s good enough. I would tell him law school will be incredibly challenging, but incredibly rewarding,” he said.

“You only get what you put into it, so just put yourself out there, push yourself, do things you wouldn’t normally dare to do, and you’ll be surprised at what you get out of it!” Mr Tan said.

Mooting and Event Coordinator Michelle Barron said the Mock Trial workshops provided school students with snapshots into career options they may not have considered previously.

“The program enables the ambassadors to impart their knowledge and experience onto high school students wanting to do law,” she said.

“Presenting Mock Trial demonstrations as well as a seminar on topics such as ‘Who owns the moon?’ are just some of the activities we do to showcase what it’s like to be a law student.”

“It is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their advocacy skills and get a taste of the legal world. Many students expressed that it gave them a better insight as to whether they would like to pursue a career in law,” she said.

The Moot Court Ambassadors will continue to showcase Murdoch Law School’s mooting prowess with university mooting competitions and mock trial demonstrations at high schools, Murdoch University Open Day, career expos and seminars.

This is the fourth year Murdoch has hosted the mock trial training seminar and workshops. All students are participating in the Law Society of WA’s Mock Trial Competition.

Mooting ambassadors Chen Da Tan, Nicola Thomas-Evans, Domenico Romeo, Kevin Jarrett, Kashmirra Thevar, Andy Hunter and Jessie Lonergan are helping the next generation of would-be lawyers.

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