Staff and students reduce their footprint

May 3, 2010

Staff and students reduce their footprintMurdoch University is backing a program encouraging institutions and people to change the way they live in order to reduce their ecological footprint.

The University has signed on as a partner of, which encourages individuals and organisations to shape their future by making simple changes to the way we live.

Murdoch’s Environmental Program Manager Caroline Minton said the world is witnessing rapidly depleting resources, an increase in extreme weather conditions and animal species being pushed to the brink of extinction.

She said as part of the University’s commitment staff and students would be encouraged to go online to and make a pledge.

“Individuals can make a household pledge and staff and students can search for Murdoch University on the website and make a pact to reduce their impact on campus,” Ms Minton said.

“A range of Pledge Cards will specify up to 30 possible actions that people can take in their homes, universities and workplaces to reduce their impact on the planet.

“Participants will select actions from these cards and make a pledge online to complete them.

“The program’s social networking capability will enable participants to link to others involved in the program and compare ideas.”

Ms Minton said there were four simple things people could do at work and home to make a contribution to change.

“Turn the computer off at the wall once you’ve finished using it,” she said.

“Turn the light off in the toilet, learn what can be recycled – for example take the lid off the bottle before you put it in the recycling bin and leave your car at home one day a week." was established in 2009, with a pilot program run in the historic wheatbelt town of York, about 100km east of Perth, with 21 per cent of its population of almost 3500 signing up to make changes.

The program was extended across Western Australia this year and next year it will be launched nationally. There are plans to see go global in 2012.

Murdoch will launch its own initiatives on May 13. One of those initiatives will be No Cars on Campus Day where staff and students will be encouraged to leave their cars at home and choose a more sustainable mode of transport such as public transport or riding their bike to work.

Murdoch’s Chancellor, Terry Budge, is on the board of the not-for-profit foundation running the program.

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