Sound students mixing it like the professionals

November 7, 2014

Three Murdoch University Sound and Radio students had the chance to get some real-world experience, working with a professional record label to release a remix EP called Deconstruction Manual.

Hadyn Lander, Ben Lövmark and Karl Ockelford were chosen for the opportunity by an assessment panel that included Hidden Shoal’s record label manager, Cameron Merton and Murdoch staff members, tutor Derek Rucki and Music Technology unit coordinator and Academic Chair of the School of Arts Sound and Radio programmes, Dr Simon Order.

Dr Order said that the remix EP project was part of a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) initiative that provides diverse opportunities for students to connect what they are learning at university with practical work experience.

“It’s rare that a university gets to partner with a record label, in fact I don’t know anywhere else that this collaboration happens,” Dr Order said.

“Our partnership with Hidden Shoal started three years ago after a conversation between Cameron Mertin and I. We both thought it would be a great idea to offer some of their existing tracks to our students as a remix project.

“The students were given access to the raw audio recordings from several tracks, after choosing which tracks to work on they could create an audio remix or mashup using the skills they had learnt in the Music Technology unit.

“The project is the perfect example of what would happen in industry.” Hadyn, Karl and Ben are not new to the music scene and have already established themselves as artists.

Hadyn, or Skybreaker as he is also known, is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and game designer whose influences range wildly from ’60s jazz-rock to modern electronica. Karl who goes by the name of Reluctant Carnivore is a musician and visual artist who has been working in and around the Perth experimental music scene for the past 15 years as part of Sub Ordnance and Abe Sada. Ben is an electronic music producer hailing from Northern Sweden, now based in Fremantle, whose influences range from heavy metal to down-tempo bass music.

Hadyn’s remix of Slow Dancing Society’s I’ll Leave A Light On throws the original into an industrial thresher, transforming its calming piano and nylon-string guitar into a juddering nightmare of synths and snarl.

Karl’s remix version of Greylands renders source audio from Antonymes, Boxharp, Gilded and Salli Lunn into an expansive, glowering horizon of drones, strings and distortion.

Ben’s reworking of Antonymes’ Doubt immerses Jan Van Den Broek’s monologue within patient, melodically rich minimal electronica.

Deconstruction Manual can be downloaded for free from the Hidden Shoal website.

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