Social media for a good cause reaps rewards

August 31, 2010

Singapore students reaped rewards through their use of social media, emerging top at the inaugural AsiaOne’s Edvantage Final Year Project Competition.

Murdoch University’s MCC307 Campaign Management students at SMa Institute of Higher Learning beat entries from 17 other tertiary institutions with their Project Reach 2010, an online fundraising initiative for 14 not-for-profit organisations in Singapore.

The idea for the online fundraising movement was initiated after a student, Pei Sai Heng, introduced the organising team to, a newly set-up donation portal in Singapore.

With consensus from the class to jointly participate in this initiative, Project Reach 2010 was launched to contribute to meaningful causes without the need for any campaign budget.  

The organising team included Angela Lau, Andrew Loy, Fiona Ling, Jimmy Ho, Natasha Tan and Samantha David.

“Project Reach had been a great learning opportunity for the team to translate classroom knowledge into real-world expertise. Through our various roles in this project, we also realised that good communication is an invaluable soft skill that can help drive messages that appeal to the hearts and souls,” said Jimmy Ho.

The rest of the team echoed Jimmy: “We learnt that there is no need for big muscles and exceptional talents to make a difference to the society. We can do our part simply by tapping creatively on tools and skills that are familiar to us!

“To keep up with rapid global changes, we recognise the importance of doing well by doing good, through sustainable communication in the development of enduring relationships that give back to the society.”

The project also included a conference which provided an empowering platform for both students of Campaign Management and non-profit organisations in Singapore to explore strategic communication plans.

The funds raised from the project made a difference in many ways including the provision of free meals to destitute migrant workers, support of families in crisis and purchase of medical supplies for old-aged patients.

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