Sir Walter Murdoch Lecture ponders the ‘good citizen’

August 26, 2013

Dr Toby Miller will be giving the 2013 Sir Walter Murdoch Lecture.

The public is invited to hear Dr Toby Miller, Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Riverside as he presents the 2013 Sir Walter Murdoch Lecture on Tuesday, August 27.

A Murdoch graduate (PhD in Philosophy and Communication Studies, 1992), Dr Miller has authored and edited more than 30 books, published essays in more than 100 journals and is a regular cultural commentator on television and radio programs across the USA.

For his lecture, Dr Miller will draw on Sir Walter Murdoch’s book Australian Citizenship, published in 1912, to examine whether Sir Walter’s principles of the ‘good citizen’ still offer a way forward in dealing with current economic and environmental crises.

“My talk will touch on three principal forms of citizenship – political, economic, and cultural – and ask how well each is working today,” Dr Miller said.

“In his book, Sir Walter looked at elements that link a society together, such as language, tradition and race, as well as notions of liberty, equality and duty to country.

“I see this talk as an opportunity to open a dialogue with the past, providing a new perspective on our current lives and concerns. It’s truly an honour to return to Murdoch for the occasion.”

Each year Murdoch University invites a person of international or national standing to deliver the Sir Walter Murdoch Lecture on a topical issue of interest.

This free talk will be held in the Kim Beazley Theatre on Murdoch’s South Street Campus from 6pm to 8pm. Refreshments to follow.

To attend, please RSVP to

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Comments (3 responses)

Christine Harrington August 4, 2013

Will Toby's talk be available on the Web? Hope so.

Rebecca Glasencnik August 4, 2013

Can this lecture be recorded and uploaded for Murdoch students who cannot attend?

Rob Payne August 5, 2013

Hi Rebecca and Christine,

Dr Miller's talk will be recorded and will be available as a podcast. Please check back here after the talk for the link or watch for it on Twitter via @murdochuninews!


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