School of Business and Governance announces new Advisory Board

July 5, 2018

New era: Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen, new School of Business and Governance Advisory Board Chair Gail McGowan, and School of Business and Governance Dean, Grant O'Neill.

The Murdoch School of Business and Governance has announced its new Advisory Board, which will bring together professionals from local business, government and education to offer their expertise, guidance and leadership.

At an official ceremony yesterday evening, Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen welcomed the new Advisory Board members to their roles.

“The University and the School are on an ambitious journey as we educate future thinkers who are sought by employers and are ready to contribute to the positive development of our community,” Professor Leinonen said.

“This advisory board will play a vital role in guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, strengthening Murdoch’s connections with industry and the community."

The Board will be chaired by current Director-General for the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage Ms Gail McGowan, who has held Murdoch University in high regard since completing her Bachelor of Arts degree and postgraduate diploma in Public Policy.

Addressing those in attendance, Ms McGowan reflected fondly on her own experiences as a Murdoch University student.

“Unlike other universities, Murdoch was prepared to take me on and support me to explore a whole new world, basically in my own time and at my own pace, to become the first in my family to embark on a university degree despite living hours from Perth,” Ms McGowan said.

“My story is in no way unique, and to me reflects the essence of Murdoch. The University has evolved and adapted, but it has always been prepared to chart new territory and try something different. At its heart is the concept of inclusiveness and at its soul is the notion of community.”

A number of new undergraduate degree courses will soon be made available within the School, including a combined Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation – a course unique to Western Australia.

In addition, combined Bachelor degrees in Global Security and Criminology, and new Global Business and Politics, and International Business offerings will be on offer in 2019.

“Collectively, we are looking to support the School of Business and Governance to deliver a contemporary, relevant and real curriculum, and to honour a commitment to open a world of possibilities to our students,” Ms McGowan said.

Dean of the School of Business and Governance, Grant O’Neill said the appointment of the new Advisory Board was an important step in leading the school towards a new and promising future.

“The Murdoch School of Business and Governance strives to develop future-enabled graduates with a global mindset, and the appointment of an Advisory Board comprising high-calibre business professionals is key to achieving this vision,” Professor O’Neill said.

“We must be prepared to continually challenge a ‘business as usual’ approach, and to continually adapt and change to reflect the contemporary environment.

“We have an inaugural board characterised by a ‘can-do’ attitude and one I expect will treat every challenge as an opportunity to make a real difference.”

Ms Catherine Choate, an Advisory Partner at Ernst & Young has accepted the Deputy Chair position, and other board members include:

Advisory Board: Patrick HM Loh, Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Professor Eeva Leinonen, Catherine Choate, Gail McGowan, Grant O'Neill, Brad Pettitt, and Brodie McCulloch.

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