School children get sporty for students

September 25, 2012

Pre-primary school children practiced their hops, skips and jumps with Murdoch University education students in special sessions run at Kardinya Primary School recently.

The four and five-year-olds spent an hour taking part in various activities including throwing, catching and dancing as their fundamental motor skill abilities were assessed by the first year students.

One of the Kardinya Primary teachers Deb Taylor said she thought the sessions were ‘brilliant’ and would help her pupils to develop.

“Doing regular activity is very important for these children as they grow older,” she said.

“Although we now teach to a curriculum which places emphasis on maths and language we must remember to get out and about more often. So we are very pleased that the Murdoch University students were able to run these sessions, which the children have absolutely loved.”

The students from the Physical Education unit organised a circuit for the children to work their way around with stations including football throwing, catching and kicking, musical statues, dodgeball and dribbling with a soccer ball.

Their lecturer Ross Williams from Murdoch’s School of Education said the sessions had given some of the students the opportunity to teach fundamental motor skills for the first time.

“It is an invaluable experience for them,” he said. “They are working with small groups of children so it’s a gentle introduction.

“There are 22 identified motor skills which our students were able to work on with the pupils and I think everyone got a lot out of it. The children seemed very engaged in the activities and looked like they were having an awful lot of fun.

“Many teachers at primary schools don’t have many opportunities to work with their classes on these sorts of skills because of a lack of time and people to supervise. In classes of 25-30, it’s also very hard for teachers to give each pupil the amount of attention or guidance they might need so we’re delighted our students can help in this way. We hope to be able to offer more of these sessions in different schools.”

There were four separate sessions run at Kardinya Primary with 50 pupils working with 120 students from Murdoch.

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