Research ARC-ed up for four projects

December 3, 2012

Murdoch University researchers have received support for four projects in the latest round of Australian Research Council (ARC) funding.

Professor Bonnie Barber and Dr Kathy Modecki from Murdoch’s School of Psychology will collaborate with Professor Jacquelynne Eccles from the University of Michigan on research to do with how teenagers are influenced by their peers.

‘Protect from harm or lead into danger? The influence of peers in leisure activities on adolescent behaviour’ has received $336,200 over three years.

According to Professor Barber the project will compare leisure settings that expose young people to risk and those that protect them from harm during the high school years.

The study also aims to help identify youth who may be especially vulnerable to negative effects of peer influence.

Two ARC grants went to academics from the Asia Research Centre.

Associate Professor Caroline Hughes and Dr Shahar Hameiri will look at why expensive international aid programs often fail to achieve public administration reform in fragile states.

‘The politics of public administration reform: capacity development and ideological contestation in international state-building’ has been funded at $262,472 over three years.

Associate Professor Hughes is also involved in ‘Remaking the poor: poor people's responses to donors' market citizenship programs in Southeast Asia’ with Dr Jane Hutchison, Associate Professor Andrew Rosser and Dr Ian Wilson.

The study has been funded at $193,088 over three years and will look at why contemporary aid which attempts to help the poor participate in the market economy has variable results and will look at the formulation of new models.

Murdoch University has been awarded a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) – going to Dr Kathleen Ellis in the School of Media Communication and Culture.

Dr Ellis will be looking at how digital television can lesson the social exclusion of people with disabilities, if made accessible.

‘Disability and digital TV: access, representation and reception’ has been funded at $369,706 across three years.

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Katie Scott December 3, 2012

Fantastic result Caroline! Congratulations everyone.

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