Renowned political scientist joins Murdoch

January 16, 2014

Murdoch University is pleased to announce that Professor Matthew Flinders has accepted a prestigious position at its new graduate school – the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs.

(L-R) Professor Matthew Flinders with British politician John Bercow

Currently based at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, Professor Flinders is known for his research, analysis and commentary on a variety of political issues.

“The University’s Sir Walter Murdoch Adjunct Professorship Program allows us to draw on the expertise of talented, influential experts from around the world,” said Professor Benjamin Reilly, Dean of the Sir Walter School of Public Policy and International Affairs.

“Professor Flinders will be a great asset to Murdoch University and will add to the intellectual vibrancy of our research and teaching efforts.”

Professor Flinders is a highly respected academic, award-winning author and popular contributor to a number of newspapers, journals and websites.

He has also made a name for himself as a broadcaster, finding success through his 2011 BBC Radio 4 series In Defence of Politics and his recent exploration of political satire in When Comedy and Politics Collide.

Late in 2013, Professor Flinders made headlines after authoring an open letter to comedian Russell Brand, following a controversial political interview on British television.

“Politics is a complex field, and the need for objective, informed political commentary is growing in importance,” Professor Flinders said.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Murdoch and look forward to applying my expertise to the Western Australian political landscape.”

Professor Flinders was formally appointed to his three-year role as Adjunct Distinguished Chair in Governance and Public Policy late last year.

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