Put your fitness to the test at Open Your Mind Day

July 26, 2011

From beginners to fanatics, everyone will get the chance to test their fitness at Murdoch University’s Open Your Mind Day on Sunday, August 7.

Lecturer Dr Jeremiah Peiffer and a top team of experts and students from the School of Chiropractic and Sports Science will be on hand to provide insightful tips and advice to those who undertake the test, which will run in the Exercise Physiology Lab from 2pm until 3pm.

Volunteers will complete a submaximal cycling exercise test, during which they will exercise at various set intensities and have their heart rate response measured. From this, approximate aerobic fitness can be determined.

“Even though it’s a simple test we’ll be able to give people a good indication of where they are with their fitness,” said Dr Peiffer.

“It will also give us the chance to showcase the superb equipment we have at the school as well as the details on what courses we offer.

“Sports science is about so much more than just kicking a footy around. Students learn about the science behind human physiology, biomechanics, motor control, sports psychology and rehabilitation so they are well prepared for the future when they graduate.”

Visitors to the Murdoch campus will also be able join a sports strapping workshop and listen to the sounds of their own body at the School of Chiropractic and Sports Science as part of a myriad of activities taking place at Open Your Mind Day. So dress comfortably and come to discover your fitness potential.

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