Postgraduate students put research on display

November 18, 2013

PhD candidate Honor Calnan took home the Sandrina Park Post Graduate Award at the 2013 VLS Poster Day.

Postgraduate students from the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences (VLS) vied for $4000 in prizes at the School’s annual Poster Day.

Held on November 8, the event saw over 50 fully designed posters relating to projects such as the restoration of eutrophic rivers, lamb breeding, orchid susceptibility to viruses, meat science, woylie decline and the discovery of new fungi in grain.

VLS Dean Professor David Hampson said the event had traditionally been for the Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical sciences in the old School of Veterinary and Biomedical Science, but that the creation of the new VLS in January 2013 had led to its expansion.

“We’ve now expanded Poster Day to embrace the entire School, which is the largest on campus with nearly 300 PhD and Masters students and almost half the research outputs across the University,” Professor Hampson said.

“This event is a fantastic way to celebrate the hard work and excellence of our post-graduate researchers and their collaborators on staff and to share with the wider University community, including our industry and government partners.”

The high quality of the posters presented the panel of University judges with some tough decisions and impressed one notable VIP, Vice Chancellor Professor Richard Higgott.

Professor Higgott remarked that the content and style of the posters were on par with any that one would find at an international conference and said he was very pleased with the way the new VLS was contributing to the University in terms of teaching excellence and research.

Poster Day sponsors were Pork CRC, Centre for Animal Production, College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Agriculture and Food WA, Epichem, GeneWorks, TRONOX, Omics Australasia, Murdoch University Veterinary Trust, Murdoch University Knowledge Transfer Office, VLS and Fisher Biotec.

2013 Poster Day winners:

Pork CRC (three prizes) for research in the pig industry: Diana Turpin, Taya Clarke, Meeka Capozzalo

Centre for Animal Production for animal production research: Thinza Vindevoghel

College of Veterinary Medicine Principal’s Prize for Best College Student: Lucas Beierer

Department of Agriculture and Food WA for plant diseases and crop improvement: Aliyu Abdullahi

Epichem for pathogens and parasites research: Adriana Botero Gomez

GeneWorks for excellence in biomedical research: Ahmed Moustafa

TRONOX for ecology: from individuals to biospheres: Karma Rinzin

Omics Australasia for ‘omics’ research: Alicia Grealy

Murdoch University Veterinary Trust for introductory poster – 1st year: Stephanie Hing

Murdoch University Knowledge Transfer Office for 2nd year poster: Fraser Murdoch

Fisher Biotec for 3rd year and onwards poster: Sarah John

School of Veterinary and Life Sciences Dean’s Prize – Best in Show: Jo Moore (with commendation to Maria Wenner)

Sandrina Park Post Graduate Award: Honor Calnan

Edward Alexander Weston and Iris Evelyn Fernie Research Fund: Krista Jones

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