Omics Symposium features influential line-up

September 20, 2012

The upcoming 2012 Omics Australasia Symposium (OA2012) will feature an elite line-up of world experts in the growing field of ‘Omics’ research.

Focussed on the collection, management and analysis of large amounts of data to inform a holistic understanding of life, Omics research includes studies into the genome, proteome and metabolome.

The broad-based discipline involves everything from animal health to environmental science and agriculture with medical applications informing vaccine development, pharmaceuticals and cancer research.

Symposium Chair, Murdoch Associate Professor Robert Trengove, said the three-day event was the first of its kind in Australia.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to bring together Omics experts from Western Australia and around the globe to discuss research advances, innovations and challenges,” Associate Professor Trengove said.

“With its focus on emerging opportunities and technology development, these three days are a real chance for researchers, industry executives and stakeholders to explore future opportunities and collaborations.

“It will also reinforce and enhance Western Australia’s reputation. With our tremendous knowledge base, research capabilities and proximity to Asia, our state is well positioned to become an Omics hub going forward.”

The symposium’s speakers represent a diverse range of organisations, including the US Food and Drug Administration, US Environmental Protection Agency, Japan’s RIKEN Plant Science Centre and other well-established research institutions from around the world.

International Plenary Speakers include Professor David Wishart, architect of the Human Metabolome Project, which aims to identify, quantify, catalogue and store metabolites found in human tissues and biofluids; as well as Professor Edward Dennis, director of the LIPID MAPS consortium, a multi-institutional resource created to identify and quantitate lipid species in mammalian cells.

They’ll be joined by Murdoch’s Dr Mike Bunce, an expert in the retrieval and characterisation of DNA from a variety of ‘old’ substrates including bone, ice cores, sediments, hair and eggshell as well as such luminaries as Professor Eske Willerslev, Professor Masaru Tomita, Professor Marc Wilkins, Professor Ryan Lister, Professor Phillip Poole and Professor John Quackenbush.

Two notable media attendees have confirmed their participation as well. Dr Chris Smith is a medical doctor, clinical lecturer in virology at Cambridge University and host of the BBC’s The Naked Scientists, one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world. Three-time Walkley Award winner Dr Norman Swan is the host of Health Report on ABC Radio National and Tonic on ABC TV.

OA2012 takes place November 26 – 28 at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Fremantle. It is proudly hosted by Murdoch University and supported by the Western Australian Department of Commerce through the Innovations Promotion Program.

For more information about this invitation-only event, go here.

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