Nominations galore for Murdoch homegrown films

June 11, 2015

A scene from Jeff Asselin's film PinchTwo Murdoch produced films have been nominated in major categories in the 2015 West Australian Screen Awards (WASAs).

Gritty drugs drama feature film Pinch, which was produced, directed and written by Murdoch’s media production manager Jeffory Asselin and crewed almost entirely by students of the Graduate Screen Program and undergraduates on attachment, has been nominated in four categories, including Best Feature Film.

It will be competing with industry funded big-budget features Paper Planes, Kill Me Three Times and The Reckoning in this category, despite having a miniscule budget in comparison.

“Those three movies would have had a catering budget that was bigger than our entire budget for Pinch,” said Mr Asselin, who is hoping the recognition will help to build buzz around the film and secure him a distribution deal so that it can be screened in cinemas.

“There was fierce competition in all the categories this year but I am very happy to be in the arena with some great Australian filmmakers.

“I’m very proud our little movie is proving itself – it says a lot about our tenacity and hard work.”

Pinch has also been nominated for Best Cinematography (long form), Best Sound (long form) and Best Original Music (long form).

Paranormal thriller short film Pale Blue Eyes, which was written and directed by Joe Henderson and produced by Cameron Whiteford during their Masters year at Murdoch, has also been nominated for four WASOs – Best Student Film, Best Cinematography (short form) for Grad Screen alumni Joel Crane, Best Sound Design (short form) and Best Editing (short form) for Joe Henderson. Joe has also been nominated in the prestigious Young Filmmaker of the Year category.

Pale Blue Eyes was also crewed by students on the Graduate Screen Program.

Mr Asselin added: “The team from Pale Blue Eyes worked on Pinch before making their short, giving them essential experience which clearly paid off with their own production.”

Dr Melanie Rodriga, Chair the Graduate Screen Program in the School of Arts, said she was extremely proud of all the nominations.

“This is another wonderful outcome for Screen Production at Murdoch and was fully supported by our creatively technical staff in the School of Arts.”

The WASAs take place on Monday, June 29 at the Heath Ledger Theatre.

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