New student talent rising against WA crime

May 12, 2015

Keneasha Lindsay was awarded the Rodger Indigenous Award for 2015.WA crimefighting will gain a determined new talent when Indigenous student Keneasha Lindsay graduates from Murdoch University.

Keneasha is in the second year of her degree majoring in Criminology and Forensic Biology and Toxicology.

A Bardi woman from One Arm Point and Torres Strait Islander, Keneasha grew up in Geraldton before moving to Perth to escape troubled circumstances aged 12.

Keneasha has risen above trying personal circumstances, and has managed to embark on her university degree despite having to support herself since she was 17 years old.

Despite these difficulties, Keneasha is excelling in her studies, and was recognised as one of Murdoch University’s high achievers of 2014 by the Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre.

“I am interested in the study of crime, and would like to eventually work as a forensic scientist,” Keneasha said.

“I enjoy learning about not only criminals but situations that make someone a target of interest.”

Keneasha was recently awarded the Rodger Indigenous Award for 2015, a University prize for high achievement by Indigenous students in challenging circumstances.

“This prize means a lot to me because it recognises the work I am doing and therefore encourages me to work harder and will support me in improving my grades and succeeding at university,” Keneasha said.

“I hope to go onto postgraduate studies after my degree and then to build a career as a forensic scientist.”

Keneasha’s prize is one of around 300 student prizes that were awarded to bright, dedicated students at Murdoch University in April.

“Murdoch University is committed to providing a supportive educational environment for students with a range of entry pathways and support services,” said Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Taggart.

“Our pathway programs ensure students from all walks of life, including disadvantaged backgrounds, can pursue and achieve a university education.”

For more information about support services at Murdoch University contact The Student Centre.

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