New courses to help students find sustainable solutions

July 5, 2011

Murdoch University has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by launching two new undergraduate degree courses in the subject.

The two new courses – BSc in Sustainability Science and Bachelor of Sustainability – will complement three others already offered by Murdoch and will link its business, energy, environmental science and humanities schools. The new courses will be available from 2012.

All the courses are designed to prime students for the growing market in sustainable business opportunities, government, non-government and private projects.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Professor Bev Thiele said: “Sustainability has long been an important commitment for this University and these courses reflect and reinforce this vow.

“They will help our students develop the wide-ranging skills they need to find new environmental solutions and work towards a more sustainable future.

“Our existing staff have researched and taught extensively in this area across a number of disciplines and these new courses will fully utilise their outstanding expertise and knowledge.”

Students will be able to study certain units from each of the different courses and can emerge with major-minor or double major degrees.

Associate Professor Belinda Robson, who is the Programme Chair for Sustainability Science, said the BSc was designed so that graduates would be aware of the social and economic dimensions of sustainability.

“There is demand from all sectors for environmental scientists with skills in sustainability, environmental auditing and knowledge of social and economic aspects of both sustainability and global change,” she said.

“As more sectors and human activities seek to develop in a sustainable way, opportunities for scientists with this type of training will continue to expand.”

Allan Johnstone, the Academic Chair in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, said the Bachelor of Sustainability explored many important dimensions of sustainability, including green technologies, eco-tourism, ethical issues and sustainability economics and education.

“This will be the only Bachelor of Sustainability offered in WA,” said Mr Johnstone. “The way students can work across disciplines is quite innovative, preparing them for a growing sector which demands well-informed, multi-skilled graduates.”

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