New Business Dean plans to revitalise School

August 31, 2012

Professor Peter McKiernan

Murdoch University has appointed internationally-renowned strategic management expert and education leader Professor Peter McKiernan as its new Dean of the Murdoch Business School.

Professor McKiernan held the chair of management at St Andrews University in Scotland for 19 years before taking up a position as head of Strathclyde Business School’s Department of Management.

Appointed recently by the Scottish Minister for Education to a major remit in further education, Professor McKiernan said he decided to join Murdoch because he was impressed by Vice Chancellor Professor Richard Higgott’s vision of putting quality at the forefront of what the University does.

“Murdoch Business School has some very vibrant and dedicated staff who are looking forward to seeing strategic thought revitalising their research and teaching,” said Professor McKiernan.

“The new chancellery team is getting behind the School to change its initiatives and to develop new research agendas. These will start with an examination of the transnational activities in Singapore and elsewhere.”

Professor McKiernan said the most exciting change for the school will be the addition of related subjects across the University as part of the reformulation of schools at Murdoch.

“This will enable the new school strategy and structure to be implemented quickly and will change the nature of the Business School,” he said.

“Traditional disciplinary teaching is likely to give way to more inter-disciplinary programs and research agendas involving leadership, governance and society.”

Professor McKiernan brings to Murdoch a wealth of experience and awards. He holds Fellowships from both the British and European Academies of Management. The international management development association CEEMAN has also just selected him as its winner in the institutional management category of its prestigious annual awards.

Professor Higgott said: “We are delighted to welcome Professor McKiernan to lead the Murdoch Business School in the next phase of its development.

“Professor McKiernan aims to begin the revitalisation of the Business School with continued focus on the strong undergraduate programs in the School, but with a greater emphasis on quality postgraduate and transnational teaching.

“Development of research programs with a portfolio of practical and theoretical research will help build the School into a regional and Australian centre of excellence.

“Many of the new and exciting developments will be undertaken in tandem with the new Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, beginning in 2013.”

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