National innovation centre partners with Murdoch to launch first Australian campus

November 25, 2015

David SimmonsIn an Australian first, Murdoch University’s partnership with the engineering services company Simmons Group will bring new innovation, training and entrepreneurial opportunities to the Rockingham region.

Simmons Group, which has constructed the new terminal at Perth airport and parts of Elizabeth Quay, will launch the first campus of the Australian Concept Centre (ACC) tonight.

Murdoch University Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Taggart said the partnership was a perfect fit for the University’s focus on innovation and training in the Rockingham region.

“The ACC will see Murdoch leading the Federal Government’s vision for innovation in universities, we are ahead of the pack. Engineering and IT at Murdoch will collaborate on a range of research projects with Simmons Group. This is an exciting venture.” Professor Taggart said.

The Australian Concept Centre will combine innovation and entrepreneurship education with the commercialisation of products, services and ideas. Universities need commercial partners to drive new products to market.

“Our primary focus is to provide practical educational opportunities for people to learn entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation techniques in Development Labs which we plan to establish at the campus,” said David Simmons, Chief Executive Officer of Simmons Group.

“The resulting establishment of start-up companies will provide opportunities to place the students into employment or where their skill set provides, continuing to work on other concepts.

“The ACC also aims to enable members of the engineering community to advance their careers via a fellowship and mentoring program.”

The ACC will be based at the National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia (NCEDA). Simmons Global engineers will also be working with NCEDA staff to bring to fruition concepts that have been developed in their research into desalination.

NCEDA staff will also be working with Murdoch University researchers to develop a proposal for a Future Water Cooperative Research Centre based in Rockingham that would further advance research into water technologies.

The ACC Rockingham campus will be the first of fifteen campuses to be established around Australia by the Simmons Group.

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