Murdoch’s school of rock helps music video come to life

September 12, 2016

Music students recorded the song in the Media Arts Centre studios at Murdoch's Perth campus

Music students recorded the song in the Media Arts Centre studios at Murdoch's Perth campus

Staff from Murdoch University’s School of Arts have assisted students from Melville Senior High School (SHS) in bringing the music video dream of science teacher, Mr Guy Stapleton, to life.

Mr Stapleton is the most recent winner of the WA Premiers Secondary School Teacher of the Year. He won the prestigious award for his innovative ways of teaching students, which includes creating songs to learn Science concepts and retain information. Mr Stapleton wished to turn one of his songs in to a recorded song and educational music video.

“My vision was to put together a unique educational music video to help students worldwide come to grips with balancing ionic compounds,” Mr Stapleton said.

Staff from Murdoch’s Sound and Screen Production disciplines, including Dr Simon Order and WA Screen Award winner and PhD Student Owen Beck, assisted media and music students from Melville SHS in the first step in producing Mr Stapleton’s music video.

A band of talented Melville SHS music students, played trumpet, saxophone, guitar, drums and sang a wonderful adaptation of Mr Stapleton's original song titled Drop and Swap, whilst equally talented media students worked to storyboard and create concepts for the associated music video.

Music students recorded the song in the Media Arts Centre studios at the Perth campus and learnt to edit their work. Media students then took master classes in preparing for and creating music video clips.

“The experience for these students is priceless, with one student strongly considering a career change, so it shows the importance of these sorts of days,” a very grateful Mr Stapleton added.

The initiative was made possible after a chance meeting between Mr Stapleton and Murdoch University’s Outreach Coordinator, Michelle Austin.

“Who knew that from an initial meeting with Guy Stapleton, singing to me a song about a chemistry concept, that very song would evolve into a multi-media production," said Mrs Austin.

"This is just one example, where the outreach team at Murdoch are working alongside teachers to develop and deliver innovative initiatives to engage with students, outside of the day-to-day curriculum delivery.

"It was great to see students from Melville SHS on campus working on a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) initiative involving Murdoch academics, students and year 10 and 11 students from Melville SHS.

“Teachers and students alike have shown initiatives such as these can bring a new and innovative method of teaching to engage students across the sciences and arts."

The next stage of the program will see the Melville SHS students using their new found editing skills to produce a high quality soundtrack and music video. Melville SHS look forward to sharing the final product in early 2017.

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