Murdoch’s innovative student learning showcased

September 21, 2017

Teaching Innovation: Murdoch shares best practice in teaching with the nation.

Learning and teaching initiatives developed at Murdoch University have been highlighted as some of Australia best practice in developing student and graduate success.

Federal Minister for Education Simon Birmingham launched the National Innovation Case Study Collection and said the collection would add to the high quality of tertiary education in Australia.

The case studies would also help students to excel and carry out outstanding research while giving graduates additional skills, such as work-integrated learning, he said.

The Collection is an initiative of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU), providing a repository of best practice examples in innovation at work in the Australian university sector.

This public resource is divided into 20 high level themes and describes the context, rationale and impact of each initiative.

Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Professor Eeva Leinonen said the University had an international reputation for innovation in learning and teaching and was proud to be part of the Collection.

“Murdoch University’s staff have a shared passion for high quality learning and teaching and foster a culture of excellence in this area,” Professor Leinonen said.

“Our excellence and innovations enable students to gain the best learning experiences beyond the classroom, gaining opportunities for career development in their chosen fields.”

Murdoch University has more than 20 case studies featured in the Collection, ranging from enabling programs, opportunities for international exchange and for gaining professional experience during undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Highlights of Murdoch University’s programs include:

  • K-track program, an Indigenous enabling program to develop emotional intelligence and wellbeing.
  • Vet Professional Life Subjects, a whole-of-degree professional curriculum to develop key professional skills in veterinarians
  • SCALES Clinic, experiential learning for students to provide legal services to real clients
  • International Clinical Placements in Nursing, where students can take part in overseas clinical internships
  • IRU Scholars in Asia, a program offering students the chance to study abroad with students from different disciplines and universities.

More information about the Innovation Case Study Collection can be viewed here.


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