Murdoch University students carve up national meat judging program

July 17, 2015

Chad Averill duging pork hams smallMurdoch University’s largest ever team of 13 Animal and Veterinary Science students have returned home victorious from the 2015 Australian Intercollegiate Meat Judging (ICMJ) Association Competition.

The Competition was held on July 11 at the Charles Sturt University and Teys Australia in Wagga Wagga, NSW and was part of a five day program. The event attracted 165 students and coaches from 11 universities around Australia, plus four international teams from Japan, South Korea, USA and Indonesia.

The Murdoch team took out reserve champion team for beef judging, lamb judging, retail cut and primal identification and the question and written reasons.  Reuben Welke was awarded reserve champion individual for beef judging and Chad Averill was awarded reserve champion individual for retail cut and primal identification.

President of the ICMJ Association and Murdoch University lecturer, Dr Peter McGilchrist said the Program provides students with a learning platform that develops their understanding of meat supply chains from conception to consumption.

“The ICMJ program is the only tertiary event of its kind that students can attend across all agricultural fields in Australian and one which our industry should be immensely proud of due to the enormous impact it has had on the industry over its 26 year history, with over 2000 graduates of the program,” said Dr McGilchrist.

“The vision of the programs major sponsors, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and Australia Meat Processors Corporation (AMPC) and team sponsors, Murdoch University’s Veterinary Trust, Harvey Beef, Linley Valley Pork and the Royal Agricultural Society of WA to invest in the education and training of the next generation of industry leaders is very important if our industry is to take full advantage of the ‘agricultural boom’ which is fast approaching.”

The program consists of two days of lectures and interactive workshops from industry representatives, a careers expo, a student development session, meat judging training and the program culminates with the ICMJ competition.

The program exposes all the students to the fundamentals of meat science, gives them a practical knowledge of the demands of the consumer, develops their confidence in decision making and communication skills plus highlights the high demand for enthusiastic graduates in the meat and livestock supply chains across Australia.

Reuben and Monica Stipinovich, another Murdoch student, were two of 10 finalists selected to undertake a five day Meat Standards Australia (MSA) training course in Brisbane plus numerous industry tours later in the year in south east Queensland.

Five of the finalists will soon be selected in the Australian national meat judging team to travel to USA in January 2016 to compete in two meat judging contests in Texas and Colorado plus complete an extensive industry tour.


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