Murdoch University protects new students from fee hike

June 4, 2014

Professor Richard Higgott

Murdoch University has acted quickly to protect students enrolling for undergraduate degrees in second semester 2014, from fee hikes.

Vice Chancellor Professor Richard Higgott said the University made the decision following the Federal Government’s announcement of a new fee regime that will affect all students accepting an offer from 14 May, 2014.

"Murdoch has acted speedily to bring about certainty for new students on their fees in 2016 when the Government's 20 per cent funding cut applies," Professor Higgott said.

"Our move means that no student who commences a bachelor degree at Murdoch in 2014 will be worse off.

"This will ease concern and bring much needed fee certainty to all students commencing an undergraduate degree at Murdoch in the second half of this year.

"If we had not taken this decision, there would have been a disproportionate impact on the cohort of students considering mid-year entry and that was something we were determined to avoid.

"Failure to act would have adversely affected the high proportion of mature age learners and returners to education who are typically represented in this cohort at Murdoch."

Professor Higgott said that Murdoch had a strong reputation for its emphatic commitment to ensuring that students from all walks of life were offered the opportunity to access a university education.

In its decision, the University was strongly influenced by the significant financial commitment faced by a major proportion of its student enrolment – those coming to a university experience as the first in their family to do so, or later in life.

"We did not want financially vulnerable students forced to commence a degree in 2014 under a cloud of uncertainty about the later impact of the Commonwealth Government budget proposals," Professor Higgott said.

"Consequently, the University will absorb the loss of revenue associated with this move.

"Of course, this means that the University will have to re-assess elements of its operations in order to identify where savings can be made to cover these costs.

"But we were determined that commencing students in second semester should be able to enrol with the confidence that they would not be affected by whatever fee impacts occur in 2016 as a result of the Federal budget."

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Comments (4 responses)

Michael Done May 29, 2014

Congratulations! As a Murdoch staff member, I feel pride and take heart at this intelligent and principled move. Well done to all the decision-makers involved.

David May 29, 2014

So proud that my university is supporting others in such a needed time.

Deborah Macpherson June 3, 2014

Well done Murdoch Uni! A sensitive response to the fee hikes and funding cuts, I like this university even more now.

Eva June 4, 2014

Awesome Move,Thank you Murdoch Uni!

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