Murdoch University breaking new ground for Australian libraries

October 21, 2016

Murdoch University is first Australian library to use OCLC Sustainable Collection Services

Murdoch University is first Australian library to use OCLC Sustainable Collection Services

Murdoch University Library has become the first in Australia to introduce a new digital decision support system.

Murdoch will use OCLC Sustainable Collection Services’ (SCS) GreenGlass  web-based application, which is capable of analysing collections, providing a wealth of data to deepen the Library’s understanding of its vast collections and use.

The system will ensure the resources provided to University staff and students are relevant and up-to-date and continue to meet changing teaching and research needs across the University.

University Librarian, Susan Ashcroft expects the data-driven approach of GreenGlass will not only inform collection strategies, but will make the process more efficient and cost-effective.

“GreenGlass is a cost-effective solution that allows us to compare our entire collection to other libraries nationally and globally, as well as to target groups of comparator libraries, enabling us to make holistic decisions regarding our print resources,” she said.

“By providing data on the holdings within individual collections, GreenGlass will enable us to highlight resources that are both unique or the same as those of other university libraries.”

As part of its service offering, the Murdoch University Library makes available some 460,000 print resources for use in teaching and research. Mrs Ashcroft said GreenGlass would assist the Library to identify areas within its collection that may require refreshing, building a better picture of the vast collection managed.

“GreenGlass will also further improve relations with the academic staff of the university, reinforcing their faith in our professionalism and high standards of evidence-based practice,” added Susan.

The introduction of GreenGlass to Australia is the result of a collaborative exploration between Murdoch University and the Online Computer Library Centre (OCLC), of Australian library data operating within the GreenGlass application.

“We were delighted to learn that GreenGlass can support Australian libraries with minimal adaptation. We are eager to extend these services to other libraries in Australia and New Zealand,” said Chris Thewlis, Regional Manager, OCLC Australia/New Zealand.

Murdoch University staff worked closely with SCS staff to ensure the GreenGlass application could support the collection management needs of the University, and other libraries in Australia.

“SCS and GreenGlass have always benefited from collaboration with customers,” said Rick Lugg, Executive Director, OCLC Sustainable Collection Services.

“The staff at Murdoch provided useful and timely input that helped ensure GreenGlass will prove effective in a new country. We very much appreciate their vote of confidence in being the first adopter in Australia. The collaboration between Murdoch and OCLC will make it easier for other libraries in Australia to use GreenGlass to its fullest potential.”

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