Murdoch to host surrogacy forum

May 6, 2011

A public forum on surrogacy will be held at Murdoch University on Friday, May 13, from 1.30pm until 4.00pm.

The forum will explore the history of the legislation on non commercial surrogacy in Western Australia, how it is being applied today in clinics in Perth and how our laws compare with those in other states and overseas.

Four speakers will address the forum followed by an open panel discussion to be chaired by Dr Anne M Jequier, a fertility specialist, surgeon and past President of the Fertility Society of Australia.

Organiser Dr Jim Cummins, who chairs the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Reproductive Technology Council as nominee of the Minister of Health, said the purpose of the forum was to inform and encourage debate about surrogacy.

“The Reproductive Technology Council of Western Australia has received a number of applications for surrogacy arrangements via infertility clinics in Perth,” he said.

“These are very complicated family arrangements that require delicate and sophisticated input from clinicians, nurses, counsellors, lawyers and psychologists. One fundamental issue is that the rights and dignity of any child to be born are seen as paramount.”


1:30–1:55 Nyaree Jacobsen “Surrogacy: a brief history of timely legislation in WA”

1:55–2:20 Erin Embury “Surrogacy in WA: a clinical perspective”

2:20–2:45 Dr Darryl Menaglio “Psychological perspectives of surrogacy”

2:45–3:10 Rachel Oakely “Surrogacy for some Australians—but not for all?”

3:10–4:00 Open panel discussion

Nyaree Jacobsen is senior policy officer of the Reproductive Technology Unit of the WA Health Department. Erin Embury is a registered nurse and coordinator of the surrogacy program at Hollywood Fertility Centre, Sydney IVF Perth. Dr. Darryl Menaglio is a clinical and forensic psychologist with experience in surrogacy arrangements and with the Family Court of WA. Rachel Oakeley is an associate in family law with Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky  (a member firm of Law Australasia).

The forum will be held in the Economics, Commerce and Law Lecture Theatre 1 (ECL1). For more information, contact Dr Jim Cummins on (08) 9360 2668.

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