Murdoch team to ride for youth mental health

March 9, 2017

Fiona Cumming (centre) with the Murdoch University team

Murdoch University’s cycling team is once again embarking on a 700km journey to support Youth Focus, and to build awareness of youth suicide, depression and self-harm in high schools along the way.

The Hawaiian Ride for Youth is one of Australia’s premier charity events, and it will take place from 21-25 March 2017. Riders will visit schools along the trek from Albany to Perth, seeing thousands of students and raising close to $2 million to support youth mental health.

Murdoch University Chancellor, Mr David Flanagan, will take part in his fifth ride as part of the Atlas Iron team.

Riding for the Murdoch University team, Fiona Cumming from the School of Education will lead the five-person squad, which is joint sponsored by Murdoch and the University’s School of Psychology and Exercise Science.

This is the second year Fiona will take part in the inspirational ride after the signing up for journey in 2016 without even owning a bike. Fiona found the week-long event was more than just a great way to get bike fit, but also an opportunity for personal growth and community engagement.

“During last year’s ride I realised the synergy of the training and the messages we were giving to the students and communities we rode through,” she said.

“The ride became a metaphor for the students we spoke to in describing the importance of community, and others, in helping get through those tough times.

“Having another rider come alongside, place a hand on their back as they rode up a hill, was a hand reaching out to someone in need.

“Students seemed to identify with or understand some of those emotions and then seemed empowered to ask questions that were often quite concerning.”

The Murdoch University Ride for Youth team, which includes Fiona, Bunbury Senior High School Principal Craige Pettit, and riders Mark Ceglinsky, Leon Burgin and Simon Outhwaite, are hosting a fundraising event at Miss Chat’s Bar & Kitchen in Fremantle on Saturday, 11 March 2017 from 6pm.

“There will be cocktails on arrival, nibbles and bar snacks, drinks, music and all are welcome,” said Fiona.

Tickets to the fun evening can be purchased from the Ride for Youth website.

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