Murdoch sweeps national veterinary awards

May 18, 2018

Distinguished career: Emeritus Professor David Hampson wins Australian Veterinary Association's highest honour

Two of Murdoch University’s most distinguished veterinary science researchers and academics have taken out Australia’s top awards at an Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) ceremony in Brisbane.

Emeritus Professors David Hampson and John Edwards were recognised for their outstanding service and distinguished contributions to international veterinary science respectively.

Professor Hampson was awarded the Gilruth Prize for his distinguished career over four decades, which has seen him recognised globally for his contribution to research and science.

The Gilruth Prize is the highest-ranking award of the Australian Veterinary Association.

Professor Edwards was awarded the prestigious Kesteven Medal for his work in developing countries on the control of foot and mouth disease, avian influenza and other emerging diseases.

He has been heavily involved in training, research and advice in the fields of animal health, public health, epidemiology, biosecurity, food security, food safety and veterinary education.

Both academics continue working closely with Murdoch University, amongst other commitments.

Professor Hampson is working on developing new vaccines and diagnostic tests for these bacteria for use in controlling disease in pigs and poultry, while Professor Edwards is a member of the University Senate and is active in support of staff and postgraduate students.

Professor Edwards is a former Dean of Veterinary Science (2004-2009), a former Chief Veterinary Officer for Western Australia (1993-2001) and is executive director of ‘One Health Solutions’ a company that provides international consultancy services.

During his 31 years at Murdoch University, Professor Hampson taught microbiology to veterinary, animal science and biomedical science students and has conducted research into bacterial diseases of pigs, poultry and human beings.

He was Dean of the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences (2011-2012), and then Dean of the new School of Veterinary and Life Sciences (2013-2017).

During his career, he named a bacterium for the university: Brachyspira murdochii. More recently, colleagues in the US named another emerging pig pathogen after him in recognition of his contributions to Brachyspira research: Brachyspira hampsonii.

He has published over 600 scientific articles and supervised 31 PhD students.

Emeritus Professor Richard Read, a former Murdoch academic, received a meritorious service award, while three Murdoch University alumni took out national awards, including lecturer in clinical pathology Dr Sue Beetson. She won the President’s Award and a fellows award, along with doctors David Neck and Warwick Vale, who also won fellows awards.

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Comments (2 responses)

Rick Cummings May 23, 2018

Well done, David and John!! It is great to see your efforts recognised nationally.


Congratulations to you both.
Old blokes continue to deliver for Murdoch; two wonderful careers from John and David.

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