Murdoch success in International Sports Tour

July 15, 2010

Murdoch University has taken part in its first International Sports Tour since the 90s, competing in Singapore against high level university teams.

The group of students competed in a number of sports with both men’s and women’s basketball teams, a men’s tennis team, mixed ultimate frisbee team, men’s rugby 7s team and a men’s soccer team.

Hosted by the National University of Singapore (NUS), the games were played against the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the NUS.

The NUS also kindly offered all Murdoch’s athletes accommodation in the on-campus student village.

The Murdoch tennis and rugby teams led the way and came home undefeated. The men's and women's basketball teams also had a great run, winning all but one match in closely contested games.

Ultimate frisbee stayed competitive for the whole week, despite the team playing two games each night in the hot, sticky Singapore conditions, and the men’s soccer team pulled out a great performance after a slow start to draw with the Singapore University Champions SIM in the last game.

Murdoch’s SMa Singapore students also joined the South Street campus players, giving their support to the rugby, ultimate frisbee and soccer teams.

"They seemed to love the opportunity to represent their University and were very friendly mixing and mingling with the South Street students, even taking them out to restaurants and night clubs," said Murdoch team leader Adrian Fisher, the University’s Sport and Recreation Centre Manager.

Suresh Ponnusamy, a SMa Murdoch student based in Singapore, said he felt lucky to be able to join the Murdoch rugby team: "I thought I would never get the chance to play for Murdoch since I didn’t go to the Perth campus – but the guys made me feel very welcome from the first moment."

Mr Fisher said overall the tour was very successful both on and off the field.

"Great matches were played and won, strong relationships were built with NUS, SIM and NTU, our Singapore-based Murdoch students got to represent their University on the sports field and a great time was experienced by all."

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