Murdoch students to experience China

November 2, 2010

A group of Murdoch students are heading to China

A group of 10 Murdoch students will travel to China in November to experience life in a Chinese university.

The visit to China follows a recent 10-day visit by a group of students and staff from Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) in China.

Murdoch’s Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor Gary Martin said the Murdoch students who leave on November 19 were undergraduates from a range of disciplines. The trip would give them the chance to gain insight into Chinese culture and experience life on a large Chinese university campus.

Murdoch University is not only a sister university to ZJUT but is also an overseas base for ZJUT students coming to Australia.

The student group will be accompanied by a number of Murdoch staff including Jill Strong, Director Educational Partnerships and Associate Professor Hendrik Halim, Director of International Engagement.  

“The program is a first for the University and the Cultural Ambassador Exchange Program is an important step in cementing the collaborative relationship between Murdoch and ZJUT,” Professor Martin said.

“Students participating in the exchange program are set to take part in an experience which will not only broaden their outlook on global affairs but will potentially assist them in achieving their future career aspirations,” he said.

Professor Martin said it was hoped that the program would be offered again in 2011 following further visits from ZJUT students to Murdoch.

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