Murdoch students to broaden their horizons thanks to New Colombo funding

August 24, 2015

Murdoch student Jack Tompsett went on exchange to Hong Kong's City University in 2014

Murdoch student Jack Tompsett went on exchange to Hong Kong's City University in 2014

Murdoch University undergraduates will get the chance to study and live abroad next year thanks to funding from the Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan Mobility Program.

Nursing, law and biotechnology students will be among those benefitting from a total of $90,200 in funding, enabling them to go to Thailand, India and Hong Kong.

Part of a $1,531,200 grant secured by the Murdoch-based Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS), will mean a further 43 Murdoch students will be studying in Indonesia.

The projects range from short term study tours to semester-based study and internships.

Professor Andrew Taggart, Acting Vice Chancellor of Murdoch University, said the programs were deeply transformational for students and encouraged stronger relationships with international universities and partners.

“The experience of living and studying abroad provides our students with new perspectives and pushes them outside of their comfort zones,” he said.

“The program also helps Murdoch to establish new ties in the Indo-Pacific region via our wonderful student ambassadors and enhance our existing relationships.

“Some of the initiatives with key university partners mean that research collaborations can be integrated with the program.”

Murdoch student Jack Tompsett, who went on exchange to Hong Kong, studying at City University in 2014 thanks to the New Colombo program, said the experience was the best four months of his life.

“Studying abroad in Hong Kong has been an absolute joy for me. I’ve learnt about so many different cultures and have truly experienced what life is like in a big city,” he said.

“Obviously the perks of adding it to your resume, travelling and challenging yourself are all apparent though it’s really the people you meet abroad that makes the experience so worthwhile.

“Professionally there is no doubt in my mind that a semester studied abroad especially to a place like Hong Kong will be highly regarded by prospective employers.

“The exchange programme has opened my eyes to life outside of Perth and I know it will only continue to benefit me in all aspects of life now and in the future.”

New Colombo Plan mobility grants are awarded to Australian universities by the Federal Government to support their students to undertake semester or short-term study in the Indo-Pacific region.

The latest round of New Colombo Plan mobility grants will send Australian undergraduate students to 28 different locations in the Indo-Pacific.  This brings the total number of students funded by the New Colombo Plan to more than 10,000 in the first three years of the program.

Following the announcement of the 2016 mobility grants, Murdoch students will have access to placements in:

Hong Kong

$17,600 for two students to undertake an exchange and an internship.


$33,000 for 10 students to go on nursing placements.


$19,800 for six students to participate in a law study tour.

$19,800 for six students to participate in a biotechnology tour.

Indonesia (ACICIS programs supporting Murdoch students worth $207,000)

Short course programs

$6,000 for two students to participate in a creative arts and design professional practicum.

$15,000 for five students to participate in a business professional practicum.

$6,000 for two students to participate in a journalism professional practicum.

$3,000 towards participation in a public health study tour.

Semester programs

$6,000 towards participation in an agriculture, food science and resource program.

$36,000 for six students to participate in a management and international relations program.

$50,000 for 10 students to participate in a development studies immersion program.

$50,000 for 10 students to participate in an Islamic business, law and society program.

$20,000 for four students to participate in a flexible language immersion program.

$24,000 for four students to participate in a field study program.

Students are eligible to apply for the mobility grants from semester one 2016. More information is available on the Murdoch website or by contacting Jeannette Geesman, Student Mobility Officer (outbound) on

Murdoch University successfully applies for New Colombo funding annually and more opportunities will be offered next year.

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