Murdoch student meat judges a cut above the competition

January 16, 2018

International champions: Murdoch students Bridie Luers and Harriet Moss have successfully represented Australia in US meat judging competition.

Murdoch student meat judges have emerged triumphant from an international competition in the United States.

Two Murdoch University veterinary students, Bridie Luers and Harriet Moss, were selected in Australia’s winning Intercollegiate Meat Judging team at the Southwest Invitational in the United States.

Murdoch post doctoral fellow Dr Sarah Stewart, who was one of three coaches supporting the team, said the win was well deserved.

“This win demonstrates a superior level of understanding of the principles of yield and quality as well as strong observational and technical skills and problem solving abilities,” Dr Stewart said.

“The Australian team dominated most judging categories, winning beef judging, overall questions and was reserve champion for pork judging.

“This is particularly impressive as the complex USDA grading system is quite different to our Meat Standards Australia grading system that focuses solely on eating quality.”

The competition was part of a month-long annual tour of the US industry sponsored by Meat and Livestock and the Australian Meat Processors Corporation.

“Meat judging enriches the enthusiasm of elite undergraduate students in the meat and livestock industries of Australia and influences many to continue on and extend their careers in the veterinary, processing, marketing, lot-feeding, retail, and research sectors,” Dr Stewart said.

“We are very proud of Harriet and Bridie, who are both very focused and have a clear passion for the meat industry.”

The Australian National team will also compete in the National Western Meat Judging Competition in Colorado and will tour some of the largest US meat and livestock facilities in the United States.

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