Murdoch student claims influential think tank role

December 9, 2014

A Murdoch University graduate student has won a scholarship to work for a leading public policy think tank in Melbourne.

Mike Petrut, 24, from Edgewater, who is studying for a Master of International Affairs at the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, will be interned at the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) for six weeks from January thanks to the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation.

Mr Petrut will be contributing to the IPA’s Freedomwatch blog and its Western Civilisation Program, which is investigating Australia’s national curriculum, during his internship.

“I am extremely excited to secure the scholarship because I have long admired the IPA and its influential work advancing liberalism in Australian public policy discourse,” said Mr Petrut, who works on a casual basis for Liberal MLA Jan Norberger as an electoral officer.

“They have challenged and held governments to account for many years. I am inspired by their philosophical consistency, upholding classical liberal values since 1943.

“The internship will be an invaluable experience as I decide on the direction of my career in the years ahead.”

The IPA’s specific research areas include the environment, deregulation, workplace relations, energy, political governance, intellectual property, telecommunications, technology, housing, education, health and agriculture.

Mr Petrut said the Dean of the Sir Walter Murdoch School Professor Benjamin Reilly had alerted him to the Mannkal scholarship after a discussion about the Australian economy at a Sir Walter Murdoch School event.

“I look forward to representing Mannkal and Murdoch University throughout my time at the IPA," added Mr Petrut.

Mannkal Economic Education Foundation is based in Perth and encourages a free market system in WA and Australia by promoting ideas of voluntary cooperation, choice, personal rights, limited government and the responsible resourcefulness of individuals.

Apart from its scholarship program, Mannkal also promotes events and seminars that allow individuals to exchange ideas defending free markets. It also produces policy papers and runs a book store for economic and Australian history books.

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