Murdoch strengthens ties with Asian neighbours

June 12, 2013

A new report has identified closer links with Asia as 'crucial' to Australia's future prosperity.

Innovative Research Universities (IRU) has released the document, titled Australia's Innovative Universities in Asia, in a bid to drive greater engagement with our Asian neighbours through academia and research.

Murdoch University is one of seven tertiary education providers which make up the IRU, a network of world class, research intensive Australian universities.

"Uniquely located in a fast-growing city, on the doorstep of the burgeoning Asian region, Murdoch is well placed to manage the challenges and opportunities in coming decades," said Vice Chancellor Professor Richard Higgott.

The report outlines the long history of engagement IRU universities have had with Asia since the 1960s, including Murdoch's introduction of Asian studies in 1975 and the establishment of its Asia Research Centre in 1991. The report also sets out plans for the years to come.

The IRU has identified three key priorities: increasing the number of Australian students studying and working in Asia, promoting the teaching of Asian languages and strengthening research links with Asia.

"Murdoch University has already made significant progress in these areas, encouraging collaborations and setting up a number of joint research centres," Professor Higgott said.

The University recently brought together leaders from across government, business, academia and media for the first Murdoch Commission.

The Commission was formed to analyse Western Australia's prospects in the Asian region and to generate practical insight for policy development. Its findings will be released later this year.

A new graduate school has also been established to prepare students for the growing number of career and research opportunities in Asia.

"The Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs builds on Murdoch University's strengths in applying world-class research to real world problems," Professor Higgott said.

"This expertise combines to produce quality graduates capable of performing in demanding work environments."

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