Murdoch staff mentor students at Young Directors’ Festival

October 15, 2014

Staff from Murdoch's screen production program mentored local studentsFor the third year running, Murdoch staff from the Screen Production program in the School of Arts have provided training and mentoring to local primary and secondary students at the annual Smarter than Smoking Young Directors’ Festival.

A number of Murdoch tutors took on the mentoring role with the support of Senior Media Studies Lecturer Melanie Rodriga, the Heart Foundation and South Metropolitan Health.

The Festival is an innovative health promotion project that involves school students in a video project to get the anti-smoking message out to the public through a short 30-second television commercial.

Under the agreement with Smarter than Smoking, the University provided expertise and support in all facets of the pre-production and production process including idea generation, storyboarding, scripting and supporting the full day filming schedule.

“This was a great skills based activity for school students, allowing them to experiment with multimedia and all facets of the scripting, filming and editing process to produce a useful resource with a really powerful underlying message,” Ms Rodriga said.

More than 60 students and teachers from schools in Armadale, Gosnells, Rockingham and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale were involved in the project, developing skills in using a studio, cameras, sound and lighting equipment to create their ads at a series of production workshops.

The Festival has been running since 2011 and been successful in engaging students in anti-smoking education beyond the normal constraints of the classroom by challenging them to come up with innovative ways to communicate the message directly to their peers.

After the judging process, winning entrants screen at local cinemas playing alongside normal cinema advertising.

Entries from pervious years can be viewed on the Future in your hands website.

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