Murdoch manager is Tanzania’s Tourism Goodwill Ambassador

May 24, 2012

Dr Casta Tungaraza has been appointed Tanzania’s Tourism Goodwill Ambassador

Dr Casta Tungaraza has been appointed Tanzania’s Tourism Goodwill Ambassador

Murdoch University’s Equal Opportunity and Social Justice Manager, Dr Casta Tungaraza has been appointed Tanzania’s Tourism Goodwill Ambassador.

The appointment recognises her efforts in promoting Tanzania in Australia for more than 20 years. It comes just months after Dr Tungaraza was inducted in WA Women’s Hall of Fame and awarded the State Honour of Multicultural Service Award.

In appointing Dr Tungaraza, Tanzania’s Minister for Tourism and Natural Resources, Hon. Ezekiel Maige said the role would help intensify the promotion of Tanzania’s unique attractions in the Australian tourist market, and strengthen ties between the two countries.

“Dr Tungaraza’s mission will be to promote the elements that make Tanzania special, attractive and profitable to discerning Australian tourists, business people and development partners,” he said.

Dr Tungaraza said she was honoured to be Tourism Goodwill Ambassador.

“As an Australian of Tanzanian origin, I am proud to be the first Tourism Goodwill Ambassador of Tanzania in Australia,” she said.

“Tanzania’s tourism is unparalleled in East Africa but not well publicised. I am pleased to play a part in strengthening relations between Tanzania and Australia, following the 2011 Australian Government’s positive response to the Report of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade on the inquiry into Australia’s relationship with the countries of Africa.”

Tanzania was listed seventh in the 'New York Times' as one of the 45 places to go in 2012 because of its new attractions and the establishment of exclusive safari reserves and up scale safari camps.

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