Murdoch Singapore explores the cyberfuture of the dark web

July 21, 2017

Cyber future: The forum will cover topics including the dark web and cyber ethics

Experts in the fields of cyber wellness and cybersecurity will converge on Google’s Asia Pacific headquarters to strengthen digital health and mitigate internet risks for toddlers to adults.

Murdoch University’s first Singapore Forum on Cyberworlds in Asia Pacific 2017, will be held on Thursday 3 August, 2017, bringing together leading researchers and thought leaders from across the globe for a comprehensive overview of research and development in the rapidly expanding area of cybersecurity and wellness. Australian High Commissioner to Singapore, His Excellency Mr Bruce Gosper will attend.

Forum Co-Chair, Associate Professor Terence Lee said this year’s forum was significant, with cyber specialists sharing research insights into challenges and interventions for people engaging with technologies, especially children and youths.

“Leading social scientists and technologists from Southeast Asia, China and Australia working in fields leading toward building a better connected world, will shed light on the impact of cyber choices young people and adults make in their daily lives,” said Professor Lee, an Internet policy researcher with Murdoch University’s School of Arts.

“Insights that both theoretical, applied and experimental research are rapidly bringing us — whether as youths, parents, educators or simply adults — closer to important and practical applications and implications for us as Internet users.”

Murdoch Singapore co-organisers Dr Tania Lim and Dr Florence Mwagwabi said:

“Besides growing research activities related to cyber wellness and cybersecurity, we are also seeing increased interest from community groups, schools, business and specific sectors seeking to turn the results of that research to real-world uses and interventions."

The conference will cover topics relevant to cyber wellness in action, cyber lifestyles, cyber trends and cybersecurity with a special focus on the dark web, and cyber ethics.

Keynote speaker Professor Lim Sun from Singapore University of Technology and Design will speak on using technology wisely from toddlers to teens. Other speakers include Associate Professor Ingrid Richardson and Dr Catherine Archer from Murdoch University’s School of Arts, and Dr Graham Mann from Murdoch’s School of Engineering and Information Technology.

This year's Forum is the first held by Murdoch University in Singapore that is supported by Google Singapore; in conjunction with Murdoch University’s School of Arts, School of Engineering and Information Technology and the Singapore Centre for Research on Innovation, Productivity and Technology (SCRIPT) – the research arm of Murdoch Singapore.

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