Murdoch scoops international teaching award

January 14, 2016

TnLMurdoch University’s commitment to excellence in learning and teaching has been recognised by the Higher Education Academy in the United Kingdom.

An expert panel at the prestigious international body awarded accredited status unconditionally to two of Murdoch’s professional development programs for its own academic staff, commending the University for its attention to high standards in learning through staff development.

Murdoch is the first university in WA and the second university in Australia to achieve the accreditation.

Murdoch staff completing the programs will gain the awards of Fellowship or Associate Fellowship of the Academy.

The coordinators of the program, Mike Bryant, Associate Director at the Centre for University Teaching and Learning, Dr Lisa Cary, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching at the School of Education, and the staff at the Centre for University Teaching and Learning, where the programs are based, were delighted to receive the accolade in time for the arrival of new students and newly appointed staff in 2016. Both programs are offered in association with Murdoch’s School of Education.

Dr Cary said the development of staff is one of the vital issues facing universities as the competition for attracting and retaining students grows ever fiercer.

“The commitment and enthusiasm of staff in Murdoch’s schools is what sets this program apart,” she said.

“Our participants enjoy developing teaching within their own disciplines within an internationally recognised framework and learning from each other.

“We strongly believe that excellence in learning and teaching comes from supported practice and access to feedback and good ideas.”

Mr Bryant said accreditation was excellent news for students and staff at Murdoch.

“The scheme allows staff to gain a widely known mark of international recognition in university teaching and it has worked extremely well at the Australian National University,” he said.

“We know there are other universities that are well on the way to developing their own professional development programs, and it’s great that it’s already on offer to Murdoch staff.”

Dr Johannes Mulder from the School of Arts, a current participant in one of the two programs (the two are known together as the Murdoch University Learning and Teaching Certificate) said: “The course has really helped to develop and improve my teaching.

“We study in parallel with the teaching year, so it’s possible to put new learning and teaching approaches into action and evaluate them straight away.”

Staff may complete the Murdoch Learning and Teaching Certificate at two levels. When they satisfy the course requirements and become Higher Education Academy Fellows, they are able to access a broader programme of career development for academic staff and enjoy links with colleagues in other universities worldwide.

Mr Bryant and Dr Cary both hold the award of Senior Fellow of the Academy.

The two programs for staff at Murdoch are accredited from the beginning of 2016.

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