Murdoch scholar’s history of Anglicanism

August 3, 2017

Professor Rowan Strong with Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Professor Eeva Leinonen

Anglican history: Professor Rowan Strong with Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Professor Eeva Leinonen at the launch of the volumes

A Murdoch University scholar has devised, edited and overseen the first ever multi-volume history of the Anglican faith.

Professor Rowan Strong, from Murdoch University’s School of Arts, came up with the idea for the five-volume Oxford History of Anglicanism. He was also the General Editor for the series, which has taken more than a decade to compile.

Professor Strong attended the official launch of the comprehensive study at the prestigious University of Cambridge in England.

“The project is giving the Anglican Communion, scholars and general readers a critical knowledge and understanding of its history and identity,” Professor Strong said.

“The books also explore the extraordinary influence of Anglicanism on societies, politics and culture around the world over the last five centuries."

The five volumes detail the growth of worldwide Anglicanism from the sixteenth century, with more than 100 international scholars contributing.

Three volumes have already been published by Oxford University Press and a further two are due later this year.

Professor Strong worked with individual editors and researchers to produce the volumes, editing the third volume, which details the nineteenth century, himself.

“Anglicans were leaders in the fight against apartheid in South Africa,” Professor Strong said.

“Anglican clergy have also been cultural leaders in former British colonies like Australia, contributing to the stable culture we enjoy.”

Professor Strong said that the chapters were written by international experts in their historical fields, and the books featured original research.

The Vice Chancellor of Murdoch University, Professor Eeva Leinonen, attended the official launch of the books at Trinity Hall at the University of Cambridge.

“Professor Strong’s achievement as the series editor of these comprehensive books showcases Murdoch research in the international arena,” she said.

“The publication of these volumes rightly recognises Professor Strong’s reputation as a leading scholar on the history of Anglicanism.”


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